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A Revolution

in  Dental Implant System

Check out our most recently developed products.


Check out our technology development and research achievements.

Our Technology

We Invite you to the world of digital dentistry.

Digital Dentistry

We guarantee clinical stablility and high quality products.  

State of the

art technology

since 2001

  • Multi-unit Abutment

  • Multi-unit Angled Abutment

  • Sylbutment Applied

Multi-unit System

  • Micro Grooved

  • Tapered Thread

  • 2 stages Surgery

  • 2.1 HEX Connection - Mini Size

  • 2.5 HEX Connection - Regular Size

Gt2 Fixture

  • Non-Micro Grooved

  • Tapered Thread

  • 2 stages Surgery

  • 2.1 HEX Connection - Mini Size

  • 2.5 HEX Connection - Regular Size

Nt2 Fixture

  • 1.2 Hex Driver Tools

  • Simple Kit

  • Inbuilt Full Stopper Drill Kit

  • Digital Guide Surgical Kit

Surgical Tools

  • Scanbody Abutment

  • Ti-Base Abutment

  • Syl-Blank 

  • Digital Lab Analog

  • Digital Guide Surgical Tools

Digital Line-up

Our Product Line

Our Promise

Creative of Technology

Ufit Implant is a dental implant manufacturer and distributor with all the staff working hard in unison to provide the best product and the excellent service to dentists and patients all over the world.

Stay happy

Ufit Implant’s ultimate goal is to cater to the patient’s well-being and happiness. Our technology improves the functions of existing implants and makes it stronger, more efficient and last longer. Ufit Implant has a unique technology that joins the fixture and abutment. 


With our continued research and product inspection, we developed the perfect solution for implant system.
Each and every Ufit Implant product is designed using dedicated craftsmanship to ensure our products’ stability. By establishing business partnerships around the world, we aim to promote excellent Ufit Implant products and make it known worldwide.

UFIT Implant is looking for RELIABLE PARTNER.

Who would join the league of our respected distributors.

Asia / Middle East

Malaysia Iraq Iran Thailand Pakistan Taiwan Uzbekistan Jordan India Kazakhstan Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan UAE


Germany Romania Russia Albania Moldova


Egypt Libya

Republic of South Africa 

N/ S America

USA Argentina



Ufitimplant Ltd.

MH enterprises

D Way Medical

Spiral Dent India


Shiny Dent

Global sales partners

Stability of Quality

With continued research and effort by the best techinical researchers in Korea that started in 2001 to provide a world class product, the Sylbutment was developed and launched in 2010. With Ufit Implant continuous research, the solution for loosening of joined fixture and abutment was presented according to clinical studies. We are consistently researching for innovative technologies and high-quality products to provide the highest satisfaction.

Ufit Implant, as we have always been, promises to continually strive for excellence.

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